«Herbari. Viure amb les plantes» Launch Event


On April, 25, at 7 p.m., the auditorium of the Botanic Garden of the University of Valencia will hold the launch event of the book Herbari. Viure amb les plantes. The event will have the presence of Daniel Climent and Ferran Zurriaga, authors of the book. Event-goers will get a free copy of the book. Mètode’s editor-in-chief, Martí Domínguez, hosts the event.

The book gathers different ethnobotanic texts where science, literature and art meet. Daniel Climent and Ferran Zurriaga go through some of the most common plants in our lands, both wild and grown, like carob trees, olive trees, oleander or prickly pear cactus trees, among many others.

© Mètode 2013.


«Event-goers will get a free copy of the book»

© Mètode 2013