One of Mètode’s Texts in the university entrance exams in Catalonia

Miguel Lorenzo

One of Mètode’s Whys and Wherefores was chosen for the Catalan Language exam of the university entrance exams in Catalonia. The text, under the title «Why Do Birds Not Urinate?», is the answer of biologist and professor Albert Masó to a reader’s question.

The article, with a relaxed outreach style, has been commented by students in social networks: 

«Mètode’s Whys and Wherefores» is a section devoted to science in which we can discover the realities behind everyday events, and it is open for the readers to interact. The section is one of the most successful on Mètode’s website and some of the questions, like «Why Do Humans Have Pubic Hair?» or «Why Do Scorpions “Commit Suicide” When Surrounded by Fire?» have found resonance with the public.


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© Mètode 2014