The fragrant lentisk

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As a part of the monograph recently published by Mètode (only available in Catalan), we can find an extensive article on the mastic tree, a species that can be found all over the Mediterranean area.

This article talks about the morphology of this tree and comments on where it usually grows, the conditions needed for its growth, or the different names it is known as in Catalan and in many other languages (mastic tree or shrub and lentisk in English).

It also talks about its ornamental uses in the Valencia region and also in Catalonia; the different uses and associations made of its fruits and leaves; its pharmacological properties (it soothes sores in the mouth and toothaches); or how the Catalan literature has made use of this tree.


Full text available only in Spanish and Catalan.




© Valentín Rodríguez

The fruit of the mastic tree can be seen in the months of October and November


Ferran Zurriaga.  Institut d’Estudis Comarcals del Camp de Túria.
© Col·leció Monografies Mètode 6. Daniel Climent i Ferran Zurriaga, 2012. Herbari: viure amb les plantes.





























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