Nanoscience, nanotechnology. Nowadays, nanotechnoscience is one of the most promising areas in terms of potential social and economic transformation.

Nano-objects, nanomaterials, nanotubes. New functional materials are being designed, which could modify and modernize industry.

Nanomachinery, nanorobotics, nanodevices. Medicine will fashion groundbreaking treatments for numerous diseases, improving patients’ quality of life and their hopes for better health.

Nanoparticles, nanopores, nanosystems. The energy sector can revert to being more efficient and sustainable.

Nanophotonics, nanobiotechnology, nanochemistry. Visual imagery is becoming increasingly important to science.

Nanoimagery, nanospace, NanoArt. Artists have welcomed the visual discourse of nanotechnoscience to their work.

Nanometre, nanosecond, nanoscale. The many images that emerge from the minuscule –scientific and artistic images– find voice and start to be heard.

Nanoworld, nanocosmos, nanomethod. Should we start to wonder, then, what this nanoscale world holds?

Monograph coordinated by Guillermo Muñoz-Matutano and Fernando Sapiña.

© Mètode 2010 - 65. Online only. Nano - Spring 2010

Director of the Materials Science Institute, Science Park, University of Valencia (Spain).

Institute of Materials Science. Scientific Park of the University of Valencia (Spain).