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The collective misunderstanding syndrome

Consider a human collective whose members issue opinions about an event that can only be true of false. Individual reliability is p, ranging between zero and one. It is higher than 0.5 when the individual is right more often than wrong; equals 1 when they

Big Data and Statistics

Big Data brings unprecedented power to address scientific, economic and societal issues, but also amplifies the possibility of certain pitfalls.

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The Digits of Science

Do you want to take a bet? Let's leave it on an invitation to read your usual newspaper. We are sure you will find graphs, tables, percentages, some histogram and perhaps allusions to means, modal values, medians or percentiles. It does not seem fair to bet on

A Nightmare on Euler Street

In 2012, the Royal Statistical Society issued the following question to the members of the British Parliament, probably regarding the International Year of Statistics (2013): «If you toss a coin twice, what is the probability of getting heads twice? ». The correct answer is «a probability of