This week in «La Pipeta», Ferran Martín invites us to playfully reflect on transhumanism.

Caragol - Snail

Why do snails come out when it rains?

Snails and slugs come out when it rains because they need a high degree of humidity to carry out some important physiological activities.


Science for Christmas

Ferran Martín reminds us that science always makes a good gift.

Illustration: Moisés Mahiques

Twenty years as a science communicator

On 8 October, 2001, Pere Estupinyà started his career as a science communicator. He remembers the journey in this article.


Mètode receives the National Research Awards in the scientific communication category

The award recognises its trajectory, sustained content quality, and resilience.


«A lab of one’s own», by Rita Colwell and Sharon B. McGrayne

This book is both a biography and an inspiring reflection on the sexism of the scientific world in recent decades

Neural puzzle

Using humour to bring science closer to the public

Mètode starts promoting graphic humour through a new section dedicated to cartoons on current scientific issues, launched with the new section by Ferran Martín.


Pre-scientific dissemination

The author proposes to create the concept of «pre-scientific dissemination» to talk about scientific mysteries, enigmas, or hypotheses that could be confirmed or disproved by science.


The end of doubt

As the debate on vaccines grows, people with doubts will dissipate them and take a stand for or against them.

illustr mahiques emotions science

What do you feel when you think about science?

What do you feel when you thnk about science? There are people who feel nothing at all and so they prefer other readings. I imagine that you will have many different ones, but which is the most prevalent, the one that weighs most heavily?