espècies bioactives

Saving the pharmacy of the sea

Vulnerable species with bioactive potential must be protected because they are a potential source of molecules with pharmacological properties.

toxic microalgae

Toxic microalgae and global change

The impact of climate change and human interventions in the Mediterranean have led to microalgae blooms.


How much warmer is the Mediterranean becoming?

An analysis of 35 years of thermal images from the Mediterranean basin, which is especially vulnerable to global warming.


Invisible pollution

Urban waste generates pollution that cannot be seen with the naked eye but has negative impacts on aquatic ecosystems, which are particularly vulnerable to it.


Sea-level rise

Thermal expansion of the ocean and mass loss from glaciers and ice sheets will continue to be the main contributors to the sea level rise.


Beyond global warming

The footprint of human activities on the planet is so profound that many scientists are already suggesting that we have entered a new geological era, the Anthropocene.

canvi global i oceans

Introduction: Oceans

A phenomenon of exceptional importance such as global change and its multiple effects has been discussed in several Mètode monographs. In recent years, public concern about what we already perceive to be the greatest threat to humanity has not stopped growing; at the same time,