Tot a la vegada a tot arreu,

Everything falling apart everywhere all at once

Sometimes the merits of some of the films that have won Best Picture at the Oscars are not easy to understand, as happened to the author in 2022 with Everything everywhere all at once.


Why do we age?

Ageing occurs because we divest energy from ourselves and into reproduction, so we have less available to survive.

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Can life be standardized?

The concept of standardization is linked to the industrial revolution and mass production of goods through assembly lines. The question we will try to answer is the extent to which standards can be achieved in the biological realm.



Oases are what they are, but the desert around them makes us perceive them as lavish. We live in a universe of mental oases and we do not give things the value they have, but the value we would like them to have.


A civilisation without oxygen

Is the presence of oxygen really indispensable for the emergence of complex multicellular life?

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The life cycle

This article deals with festivities linked to rites of passage, which serve to sanction changes in social status based on age and gender. Therefore, it looks at rituals related to the life cycle, such as baptism, first communion, marriage or death, symbolic actions intertwined with a thoroughly culture-defined biological cycle and occurring in unequivocally festive contexts.


Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins’ investiture as honorary doctor by the University of Valencia was one of the most remarkable events of the Year of Darwin (2009). Richard Dawkins is one of the most influential intellectuals of the last decades. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and the Royal Society of Literature.