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A perverse effect

The covid-19 pandemic has altered the infection routines of other respiratory diseases and, in some cases, has made us more vulnerable. The ancestral method of immunisation in pre-vaccination times was, precisely, infection.


Zoonotic diseases

The emergence of new zoonotic diseases reminds us that humans, animals, and the environment are interconnected.


Re-imagining One Health

This article proposes an effort to make the most of the potential of social sciences and thus reimagine the concept of One Health.

Mètode 114 One health: un món, una salut

Introduction: One health, one world

Although a One Health perspective has, in one way or another, been around at least since the time of Hippocrates, the term itself was coined by William Karesh in a 2003 The Washington Post article. Since that time, the concept has been discussed, applied, and


Monkeypox and Occam’s razor

Monkeypox circulated under the radar for an undetermined period of time in many non-endemic countries. How did this happen?