Laboratory astrophysics

Astrochemistry studies their abundance and composition and posits potential chemical pathways that might have led to the presence of such molecules in a particular environment


When we observe the universe, can we see the same galaxy at different times of its evolution?

El que observem des de la Terra és la llum ens arriba de punts de l’Univers tan distants a nosaltres que han necessitat tot aquest temps per arribar.


Interstellar travel guide

In this article, we summarise several of the most well-known astrophysical scenarios, and offer a brief description of what we currently know about them.


Nothing lasts forever

On a cloudless and moonless quiet night and, above all, away from the city's light pollution, the beauty of the sky fascinates us. This is why, ever since ancient times, humans thought that this must be the work of the gods and so associated constellations