Why do some plants need fire to germinate?

In Mediterranean ecosystems, fires are quite frequent naturally and generate large open spaces ideal for the germination and growth of many Mediterranean plants

When wildfires burn - front cover

When wildfires burn

Fire has been a defining element in the formation of human societies. Then, why is seen as an alien element in our society? A look back to Mètode's issue dedicated to wildfires.


Why is palm oil harmful?

Palm oil is a plant oil consisting on saturated fats, which increase cholesterol and cardiovascular risks.


The symbolism of trees

The forests and their trees are one of the most important cultural symbols of humanity. Consequently, most civilisations have appropriated them with care, consideration and respect.

Wildfire in Andilla (La Serranía)

Wildfires, social breakdowns

The end of 2012 knocks at our door and, according to provisional data from the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, we leave behind almost 200,000 hectares destroyed by fire throughout Spanish territory. The total number of fires and attempted arsons nears 15,000, although a

It is important to study the quality and not just the quantity of carbon sequestered in the soil- carbon cycle

The controversial effect of fire

Research shows that fire promotes the creation of new substances and speeds up mineralisation, also encouraging the production of recalcitrant forms of organic matter.

Pinoso (Alicante, Spain) soil one week after a fire in 2003

Ground fire

Understanding soil requires knowledge of particle aggregation. Fire affects aggregation by degrading the biological fraction, although low-intensity fire does not leave obvious signs in its wake.

A fire in a forest can easily turn into a burning house

Using fire to fight wildfires

Forests cover a large part of Catalonia (63%) and this means their management is critical to good spatial planning. Prescribed fires help prevent major wildfires, which have marked recent history, they also help to reintroduce a natural element in the Mediterranean forest: fire.


Fire, management and research

While scientists speak of fire as a natural process within a cultural landscape, the general public continues to see it as a negative factor. We review the current status of management, science and innovation in this field.