Artemi Cerdà 11POSTS

Full Professor of Geography at the University of Valencia. SEDER Researcher (Soil Erosion and Degradation Research Group), Department of Geography. University of Valencia.

When wildfires burn - front cover

Fire has been a defining element in the formation of human societies. Then, why is seen as an alien element in our society? A look back to Mètode's issue dedicated to wildfires.


While scientists speak of fire as a natural process within a cultural landscape, the general public continues to see it as a negative factor. We review the current status of management, science and innovation in this field.

Javier Riera. Making off Fire 1, 2011.

[caption id="attachment_4954" align="alignleft" width="200"] Javier Riera. Making of Fire 1, 2011. Photograph on paper, variable dimensions. / In this Mètode monograph we see through