The melody is the message

Humans are born rather undeveloped, compared to other species, which favours a better understanding of language and behaviour in society.

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What do you feel when you think about science?

What do you feel when you thnk about science? There are people who feel nothing at all and so they prefer other readings. I imagine that you will have many different ones, but which is the most prevalent, the one that weighs most heavily?


Why do we cry?

Darwin is credited with the opinion that crying only lubricates the eye, but today it is accepted that it has an intrapersonal and an interpersonal function.


Why do we turn red with embarrassment?

Blushing is a specifically human characteristic, since our closest relatives, such as the chimpanzee, gorilla, or orangutan, do not blush.


From the field to the hospital: Monogamous voles and love hormones

Oxytocin promotes both positive and negative social emotions depending on context, sex, previous experience of the subject and personality.