Aircraft windows

Why do airplane windows have rounded corners?

The structural integrity of an airplane's windows and doors is not a minor issue, because there is a large difference in pressure and temperature between the interior and exterior of the aircraft.

cover standards

«Standards», new Mètode monograph

The latest issue of Mètode addresses the subject of standards in science, with a special focus on synthetic biology.


The long and winding road

Limited adoption of development standards suggests that we still do not understand why software is so difficult to produce. Software standardisation has been limited by our poor understanding of humans’ role at the origin of technological diversity.

biology engineering

When biology became engineering

Synthetic biology goes one step further by incorporating conceptual frameworks from computing, electronics, and industrial design. This change makes it possible to conceive the creation of complex biological objects that were previously considered too difficult to assemble.

Hedy Lamarr


Above all, Hedy Lamarr was interested in sinking German submarines. She was an actress who, deep down, wanted to be an inventor. And she was.