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Science and the challenges of our time

Adults and older people have most likely always wondered how the young will manage to survive in the world they are left with, and at this point in history, this is a central question in our debates. In order to resolve it, we must resort to one of the main tools we have devised to try to understand the world we live in, the one we call science.

Violent universe

We see the sky and admire its regularity and stability, its apparent immutability. We have always done so; it does not come as a surprise, since humans have always been startled by any change in the sky, associating it with omens or the mood swings of gods. At that time, they might call these changes «new stars», even if they were, for example, a supernova explosion, as in the case of Tycho’s supernova in the sixteenth century.

For Everyone Energy, for Everyone Everything

Imatge de domini públic Nikola Tesla in his laboratory (Colorado Springs) in 1899 next to an operating Tesla coil. Picture taken by Dickenson V. Alley. Within the frame of Orxata Sound System’s political activism there is also place —of