The Wright brothers conquer Mars

In April 2021, the ingenuity drone flew within the Martian atmosphere. Its purpose was to demonstrate the feasibility of flight in the tenuous Martian atmosphere.


«The end of everything (astrophysically speaking)», by Katie Mack

Review of the book The end of everything (astrophysically speaking), by the Australian astrophysicist Katie Mack, on the possible ends of the universe.

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A look at the cosmos

Violent Universe, Mètode's latest issue, has had the collaboration of the Valencian artist Aurora Valero (Alboraia, 1940). With her powerful and colourful works, she offers her interpretation of the origin and creation of the universe. She explains on MètodeTV. [English language subtitles are available for this



It is clear that there are not only five dwarf planets, but probably many more, possibly thousands.

cosmic inventory

The Cosmic Inventory

In ancient Greece, Empedocles stated that everything was made up of only four elements: water, fire, earth and air. It was undoubtedly the first attempt to describe the content of our universe. Over a hundred years later, Aristotle added a fifth element: ether or quintessence, which formed the stars, while the other four were the constituents of terrestrial substances.