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Rudolf Nieuwenhuys
Rudolf Nieuwenhuys

Rudolf Nieuwenhuys is a worldwide eminence in the field of Neuroanatomy. He has a formal education as a medical doctor, but his view is not at all anthropocentric and he has always been fascinated by the great diversity of forms found in the brain of

Architect genes of the brain

The brain of modern humans is the result of the evolution of a building plan (Bauplan) that began its design 500 hundred millions years ago. This evolutionary scenario provides the basis for studies that seek to understand what is «conserved» and what is «new» between different vertebrates.

Building brains that can evolve

Evo-devo biology involves cross-species comparisons of entire developmental trajectories, not just of adult forms. This approach has proven very successful in general morphology, but its application to neurobiological problems is still relatively new.

Illusion and reality

What do you see in the picture accompanying this article? The answer will probably be: «two dalmatian dogs, sitting and looking at the front». But they are nothing but black spots over a white background.