Yolanda Picó

Tracking the footprint of pollution

Yolanda Picó, Full Professor of Nutrition and Bromatology at the University of Valencia, analyses emerging pollutants, both their concentrations in the environment and their long-term effects on biota.

Pau Carazo at his office at the University of Valencia.

Understanding diversity through sexual selection

In this new Science Space, we visit the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, where Pau Carazo studies the evolution of behaviour and sexual selection.


Nature photography at the heart of new Mètode monograph

Issue 116 of Mètode, the scientific communication journal published by the University of Valencia, is dedicated to photography and the prominent role it has played in understanding and protecting nature.


Interview with Cristina Mittermeier

Interview with Cristina Mittermeier, conservation biologist and photographer. She shares her projects, which combine both of her professional interests.

fotografia i biodiversitat

Photography and biodiversity awareness

Nowadays, the combination of photography and biodiversity is an important tool for scientific projects, especially in the field of conservation.


More biodiversity to improve our health

Contact with nature generates measurable benefits for people’s psychological and physiological health.

Mètode 114 One health: un món, una salut

Introduction: One health, one world

Although a One Health perspective has, in one way or another, been around at least since the time of Hippocrates, the term itself was coined by William Karesh in a 2003 The Washington Post article. Since that time, the concept has been discussed, applied, and


Life adapted to precariousness

Drylands contain great biodiversity. Their extension is growing due to climate change, so it is more and more essential to get to know more about them.


The «other» wildlife

Our empathy for other organisms decreases the further they are removed from us on the tree of life. Photography can change this perception.

Valenciolenda fadaforesta

The underground world, a source of biodiversity

The description of the «Valencian wood fairy» or Valenciolenda fadaforesta (Hoch & Sendra), a new species and genus, was recently published.