Il·lustració: Moisés Mahiques

Sex is wasted

For the author, the study of sex is much broader and more interesting than we imagine, from the endocrine and physiological side, but also from psychology and sociology.


Thou shalt not take the name of biology in vain

Biology has been and still is used to justify discriminatory practices against groups of people, but reality is always more passionately complex than the dualistic human logic is willing to accept.

A couple of Magellanic penguins. / EzPzPics

Why do some animals display homosexual behaviour?

Homosexual behaviour has always been considered a paradox from an evolutionary point of view because it does not produce offspring, but there are nuances to this.

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Guilt, daily life, and love

We can identify two periods in the history of AIDS patient narratives: before and after the discovery of triple therapies. We analyse the changes this paradigm shift produced on literature.

Pere Estupinyà

Interview with Pere Estupinyà

Science communicator, writer and public speaker. That is how Pere Estupinyà (Tortosa, 1974) describes himself. He is also known as «the sex scientist».


The venereal evil

Venereal diseases were a heavy burden in the early twentieth century. Syphilis was the paradigm of physical and psychological degeneration, the destroyer of family and society, and the syphilitic individual was the subject of eugenic strategies: isolation, sterilisation and, in extreme cases, extermination. In the early