The problem

Ferran Martin's eyedropper talks about the problem with research contracts in science


More haste, less speed

The pandemic has led to science being broadcast live, but scientific knowledge advances little by little, constantly self-correcting.


The mental health we want

The world of mental illness is rife with enemies, so the Valencian Regional Government is developing a citizen convention on mental health.

Illustration: Moisés Mahiques

Twenty years as a science communicator

On 8 October, 2001, Pere Estupinyà started his career as a science communicator. He remembers the journey in this article.

Angela Saini

Interview with Angela Saini

We speak with British author and journalist Angela Saini about her latest book, Superior: the return of race science.

citizen science

Citizen science enters the scene in the new Mètode monograph

Volume 108 of the journal explores the role of citizen science and the construction of scientific knowledge.


Citizen science projects

Citizen science generates bidirectional communication, leading to an improvement in the scientific literacy of the people involved.


New knowledge environments

Citizen science is in a process of consolidation, with a wide variety of practices and perspectives. Social sciences and humanities occupy a small space despite the obvious social dimension of citizen science. In this sense, citizen social science can enrich the concept of citizen science

Citizen science

What’s in a name? Citizen science in pandemic times

The idea of citizen science brings with it tensions about the social nature of scientific truth.

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Introduction: Citizen Science

In the past decade, scientific research that relies on the collaboration of citizens has grown exponentially.