Etiqueta: science and society

Towards the right standards

Society as a whole benefits from open science, and we can certainly think of it as being critical in responsible research and innovation. It is useful to separate these to some degree, however, for the purpose of understanding whether and how the use of standards could influence the robustness of RRI and OS.

metric system social ordering
Standardisation and social ordering

Understanding standardisation as a form of social ordering makes visible aspects of standards that are otherwise obscure. It allows us to move past the immediately accessible at the bench, on the screen, and in text and talk.

Science and the challenges of our time

Adults and older people have most likely always wondered how the young will manage to survive in the world they are left with, and at this point in history, this is a central question in our debates. In order to resolve it, we must resort to one of the main tools we have devised to try to understand the world we live in, the one we call science.

The scam of pseudoscience

Pseudosciences are by-products of the prestige of science as a social enterprise and as a means of obtaining knowledge. Their character is inherently negative, given that, by definition, a pseudoscience is an intellectual fraud consisting of products, practices, or ideas unconnected with scientific rationality that

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The two cultures

The relationship between scientists and journalists is better than its image would suggest. Scientists not only believe that public communication is a duty, but also that media visibility is beneficial.

Interview with Salvador Giner

Interview of the Observatori de les Dues Cultures with  Salvador Giner, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Barcelona and President of the Institute for Catalan Studies.

Michel Maffesoli
Interview with Michel Maffesoli

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Michel Maffesoli (Graissessac, France - 1944) leaves no one indifferent. Accustomed to stirring up controversy in his country, the sociologist of postmodernity known for spreading the concept of «urban tribes» has just published Homo eroticus. Des communions émotionnelles (2012), in which he discusses his theory

The two cultures

[caption id="attachment_9962" align="alignleft" width="200"] Anna Sanchis[/caption] The Valencian newspapers Levante —El Mercantil Valenciano, has always paid close attention to science. In a shy way, of course, and maybe even insufficiently, but it has been a systematic communication that we hope has left an imprint on our