Il·lustració: Moisés Mahiques

Sex is wasted

For the author, the study of sex is much broader and more interesting than we imagine, from the endocrine and physiological side, but also from psychology and sociology.


Mètode receives the National Research Awards in the scientific communication category

The award recognises its trajectory, sustained content quality, and resilience.


June Almeida, virus photographer

We remember June Almeida, the first person to photograph a human coronavirus.


Of your face I have already the imprint

Thanks to advances in genetics, we can extract a lot of information from DNA and infer a fairly detailed portrait of the person it belongs to.



Ferran Martin's scientific cartoon talks about «desert».


Pre-scientific dissemination

The author proposes to create the concept of «pre-scientific dissemination» to talk about scientific mysteries, enigmas, or hypotheses that could be confirmed or disproved by science.

science covid-19

The woes of science in the time of COVID-19

Those of us who are dedicated to the creation and dissemination of knowledge must make intelligent use of its contingent and provisional nature, to promote the idea that what may appear to be weaknesses are, in fact, the features that allow scientific knowledge to progress and be disruptive.

coronavirus fake news

A coronavirus and fake news pandemic

Most of the fake news that circulated on the web before this pandemic concerned health and became far more widespread than the real news. Unfortunately, this phenomenon has escalated with the global COVID-19 crisis.

medical staff coronavirus response

The communicative response to the coronavirus crisis

In addition to protective isolation, enhanced medical capacity, safer sociality and health oriented economic stimulus, we will need to turn our hearts, hands, and minds to reweaving and strengthening the complex and vital social web.

coronavirus illustration

In winter, snakes sleep

Let us look at the coronavirus outbreak in China. Dissemination of accurate and well-interpreted information is key in the early stages of an emerging outbreak.