Microbiota microorganismes

What is the microbiota?

The microbiota is a population of microorganisms living in a very specific environment; we can find many microorganisms in every human environment. Answered by Àngela Vidal, researcher at the group of Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology of I2SysBio.


June Almeida, virus photographer

We remember June Almeida, the first person to photograph a human coronavirus.


Viruses: are they alive?

An analysis of our historical relationship with viruses to understand the reactions to the present pandemic.

Simonetta Gribaldo portada

Interview with Simonetta Gribaldo

Simonetta Gribaldo works at the Pasteur Institute and is one of the world experts in archaea, which are fascinating yet still mostly unknown microorganisms.


A civilisation without oxygen

Is the presence of oxygen really indispensable for the emergence of complex multicellular life?


Our microbe self

Apart from a keystone ingredient to a healthy gut, microbiota also seem to communicate with our brains.


Interview with Ricardo Amils

When you hear an expression with such poetic connotations like «the limits of life», it is likely that the last thing that comes to our minds are the microorganisms that live in the depths of Lake Vostok (Antarctica) or in the acidic waters of Rio


Me, Myself…and my Microbiota

«I am myself plus my circumstance, and if I do not save it, I cannot save myself», wrote Ortega y Gasset in Meditations on Quixote. Our most immediate biological «circumstance» is our microbiota, namely, the host of microbes living in and on our bodies. They