Maxwell Boykoff

Maxwell Boykoff opens the series «The great challenges of science» with a lecture on climate change

When, where, why and under what conditions is climate change communicated? On 28 February at 19:00, Maxwell Boykoff will deliver a lecture at the La Nau Cultural Centre devoted to creativity and climate change communication.

Anunci del cicle de conferències en l'Escola de Pensament Europeu Lluís Vives

Mètode celebrates its 100 issues with a series of lectures

«The great challenges of science» begins on February 28 with a talk about climate change by Maxwell Boykoff.


‘Interlinked’, the new Mètode monograph

Mètode's autumn issue tries to offer a general overview of the world of robotics and artificial intelligence from the point of view of six experts in the field.


Mètode wins the Special ‘Ciencia en Acción’ Jury Prize

Mètode, the research dissemination journal of the University of Valencia, has been awarded the Special Jury Prize in the XIX Ciencia en Acción competition for its «rigour and quality».

Making Science anuari

Making science

The 2018 annual review focuses on future mathematical challenges, the palaeontological history of Homo sapiens, the delusions of pseudoscience and medical dissemination through literature.


Unravelling science

Mètode Science Studies Journal publishes the 2017 annual review, under the title Unravelling science. The seventh issue of this English language publication focuses on the secrets of neuroscience, the connection between science and ideology, science from a gender perspective, and twenty-first century astrophysics and cosmology,


«Violent universe» presents the most extreme scenarios in the universe

The central monograph of Mètode's latest issue, coordinated by Manel Perucho and José Antonio Font, is devoted to high energy astrophysics and cosmology.


‘SheScience’, a monograph about science from a gender perspective

We analyse the situation of women in science, the effects of androcentric biases in research, and the potential changes that would come with more inclusive practices.