Making science

New Mètode Science Studies Journal annual review.

Making Science anuari

Mètode Science Studies Journal publishes its 2018 annual review under the title Making science: a multitude of perspectives. The eighth volume of this English-language publication focuses on future mathematical challenges, the palaeontological history of Homo sapiens, the delusions of pseudoscience and medical dissemination through literature, with four monographs coordinated by experts and researchers in these fields.

The journal also includes other articles of reflection and analysis that offer a plurality of perspectives that give the reader tools to understand the complexity of science, such as the neuroscientific explanation of financial decisions or nature as a political issue. Together with them, the cover of Mètode SSJ features a proposal by the artist Javier Carvajal, a sculpture that shows three intersecting tori corresponding to the three square sections of the cube. Along with it, artists such as Moisés Mahiques and Joël Mestre illustrate the monographs contained in the volume.

Mètode Science Studies Journal is entirely open access and is included in several indexes and databases such as Scopus, Google Scholar, ERIH Plus, and Latindex, among others.

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