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COVID-19: A forest fire rather than a wave?

Is it useful to talk about COVID-19 waves, or maybe other metaphorss such as forest fires can be more adequate?

Anthony Fauci pandemics metaphors

COVID-19: pandemics metaphors

Early criticism of COVID-19 rhetoric cautions against the use of war metaphors that can shift us toward authoritarian and nationalistic sentiment, evoking xenophobia and racism.

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Manufactured life

It is clear that the term synthetic biology raises expectations, but it is no less true that it also causes concern. This article starts with a critique of the identification of cells as machines and discusses the current scope of synthetic biology and efforts to standardise it. We also outline some of the social implications of attempts to manufacture life.

analogical knowledge

On analogical knowledge

During a period dominated by positivist thinking, metaphors seemed incompatible with science, at least for the most common manifestations of scientific discourse.

Charles Forceville

Interview with Charles Forceville

Interview with Charles Forceville, expert on visuals and multimodal discourse.

Maurizio Gotti. Photo: Martí Domínguez

Interview with Maurizio Gotti

Interview with Maurizio Gotti, linguist at the University of Bergamo, researcher on specialised discours


George Lakoff

Richard and Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at the University of California at Berkeley, the American linguist George Lakoff (New Jersey, 1941) attends Mètode.