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Science and Literature

Derby Museum and Art Gallery Figure 1. Joseph Wright of Derby. The Alchemist in Search of the Philosopher’s Stone Discovers Phosphorus, 1771. Oil on canvas, 101.6 x 127 cm. Entering an alchemist’s laboratory with its strange equipment, weird smells, bubbling concoctions, the arcane symbols of Hermetic

Social Robots

Industrial robots and androids in science fiction were worlds apart until recently, but now begin to merge with the rapid development of social robotics. Given the growing need for labour in the healthcare and service sectors, robots are being designed to interact with disabled or

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Science novels

In an ever-more complex world, it is absolutely imperative that we include science and technology and their effects in narratives which speak to us about humanity.

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Migrant Literature

This article discusses «migrant literature» in Catalonia, looking at the particular case of Najat El Hachmi, a Catalan writer of Moroccan origin. Here we analyse her first book, the auto-biographical essay Jo també sóc catalana.

Interview with Charlotte Sleigh

Charlotte Sleigh is a Reader at the University of Kent, where she teaches Science History and Communication. She is also co-director of the Science, Communication and Society Master Degree. She has published different books, among which we highlight Ant, Six Legs Better. A Cultural History

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Communicating medicine

A sad end has the most robust health, continuously spurring sickness on, which lives near, with just a wall separating them. Aeschylus, Agamemnon [caption id="attachment_13663" align="alignleft" width="150"] Esteban Morcillo / Photo: Miguel Lorenzo[/caption] The interest in health has accompanied humans since their first steps. Medical knowledge, traditionally