The melody is the message

Humans are born rather undeveloped, compared to other species, which favours a better understanding of language and behaviour in society.


The «other» wildlife

Our empathy for other organisms decreases the further they are removed from us on the tree of life. Photography can change this perception.


«The Matrix» and thermodynamics

If we were to use electrodes to extract energy from ourselves, we would collapse because we would have nothing left to keep our hearts beating.


What is the function of the white of the eye?

The sclera, known for its color as «the white part of the eye», is an opaque, resistant, and fibrous membrane that covers part of the eyeball, giving it shape and protecting its interior.


Why do we turn red with embarrassment?

Blushing is a specifically human characteristic, since our closest relatives, such as the chimpanzee, gorilla, or orangutan, do not blush.


Next Stop: Language

Comparing the role FOXP2 plays in humans and other animals is starting to reveal common principles that may have provided building blocks for language evolution.