Is an HIV vaccine possible?

Since the late 1920s, a number of HIV vaccine strategies have been discarded, but research continues with phase I vaccine prototypes.

Esteban Martínez

Interview with Esteban Martínez

On the World AIDS Day, we talk to Esteban Martínez, president of GESIDA, to know how people living with HIV are experiencing the current pandemic.

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Guilt, daily life, and love

We can identify two periods in the history of AIDS patient narratives: before and after the discovery of triple therapies. We analyse the changes this paradigm shift produced on literature.

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Symptoms, signs and statistics

Experimental determination or detection of the physiological mechanisms underlying disease is by and large a highly complex task. This fact has turned epidemiology into the main tool for generating knowledge in the medical field.


On the Trail of HIV

Human immunodefi ciency virus (HIV) has huge health, social and economic impacts. Current therapies can control the infection but a true cure or effective vaccine has yet to be found.