Ramon Margalef

Homenatge a Ramón Margalef, ecòleg i naturalista català, conegut per les seues contribucions a l'oceanografia, la limnologia i la teoria ecològica.

Wildfire in Andilla (La Serranía)

Wildfires, social breakdowns

The end of 2012 knocks at our door and, according to provisional data from the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, we leave behind almost 200,000 hectares destroyed by fire throughout Spanish territory. The total number of fires and attempted arsons nears 15,000, although a


Interview with Antonio Granell

Thank you to Antonio Granell’s work, now we know the cause behind those tasteless tomatoes from the supermarket: the inactivity of the GLK2 gen.

Vegetable gardens

Vegetable Gardens in the Pyrenees

Family orchards and vegetable plots in the Catalan Pyrenees play a key role in conservation and management of biodiversity and preservation of traditional knowledge. They also help enhance social cohesion and welfare while, at the same time, affirming cultural identity.

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From the Ecologists’ Struggle to a Global Priority

The ecologists’ struggle of the early sixties marked the origins of environmental journalism of today. Little by little, the environment has become a priority issue for the media.

Edward O. Wilson

Interview with Edward O. Wilson

Edward O. Wilson has been fascinated by nature ever since he was a child. He cannot imagine anything more amusing or appealing than the study of the complexity of any ecosystem on Earth. Some years ago, when he was a lecturer at Harvard University, Wilson used to tell his students to go for walk in campus and take a look at the ground.