Ull mirant fixament

The cooperative eye

Eye contact can be used to establish and strengthen emotional bonds, but depending on the socio-cultural context, looking directly into another person's eyes can be very intimidating.



Today stupid signatures abound. Millions of identifiable, expendable authors clutter the web. What is truly important is not to sign, but to do relevant things well.

Martín de Cervera. Lliçó de teologia a la Universitat de Salamanca, amb alumnes de diversos ordes religiosos, 1614. Oli, portes de l’armari del depòsit de manuscrits de la Biblioteca Universitària.

Can theology be a science?

The article defends the idea that theology should disappear from university programmes. It cannot be a science because it is based on faith and authority.


New knowledge environments

Citizen science is in a process of consolidation, with a wide variety of practices and perspectives. Social sciences and humanities occupy a small space despite the obvious social dimension of citizen science. In this sense, citizen social science can enrich the concept of citizen science

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Imminent ecdysis

Cultural accumulation changes what we are and what we do from one generation to the next and, as far as scientific knowledge is concerned, changes occur so quickly that we tend to imagine them as distant theories or very recent developments.


Interview with Massimiano Bucchi

Massimiano Bucchi is a professor of Sociology of Science at the University of Trento (Italy), and the current editor of the Public Understanding of Science (PUS) journal. His academic career represents the best exponent of contemporary trends in the field of science communication research.


Following the thread: the Silk Road in Valencia

Valencia's importance in the old Silk Road has helped the city to become a participant in the UNWTO Silk Road Programme, an initiative that joins territories and research projects from Japan to Portugal. Experts take the opportunity to remember and promote Valencian landscape and historical and artistic heritage.


Death in literature

Literature has had a range of ways to approach the concept of death, from expressions of personal grief, through to the ways they are represented in a culture.



The World Wide Web does not increase polymathy instrumentally. The Internet rather discourages it. Actually, the Internet generation and the library generation have more than a generational conflict. They stage a cultural rupture.

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Muixeranga: a Long Journey

© Antonio Ariño I seem to recall my first memories of the Muixeranga1 were set in the street Molí de la Vila, just where it crosses the Capella, in Algemesí. As night fell, amid a blaze of candles, a