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There is no way to force a pendulum to oscillate at a different rhythm, determined exclusively by its length

fear virus contagion
Fear and virus

An epidemic like the one we have unfortunately experienced can bring out people's worst fears. Cinema and literature have successfully used fear to write scripts in which an epidemic is the heart of the story or the underlying excuse.

Alice psychedelic drugs
Alice in Hallucinationland

Alice goes on a journey during which peculiar characters tell her what to eat or drink. Then, strange things happen. Doesn't all this seem like a drug-induced psychedelic journey?

Nurses in film

The way cinema has represented nurses has varied over time: from the clothing itself to the relationships with patients and other health personnel.

Astronomy and space on the big screen

The existence of habitable extra solar planets, is nothing new in science fiction cinema. Perhaps more interesting is the existence of unusual planets, such as the planet Tatooine from Star Wars (1977), by George Lucas, that orbits a binary star system.

Deciphering ‘The Imitation Game’

The Weinstein Company / Black Bear Pictures / Ampersand Pictures The Imitation Game did not go unnoticed when it premiered in Spain in early 2015. The film chronicles the life of Alan Turing, played by actor Benedict Cumberbatch, and was directed by Morten Tyldum. This biopic,

fotograma interstellar
«Interstellar»: Science and License

Warner Bross «Cinema and Science are not incompatible worlds». This was the title of Manuel Moreno Lupiañez's article included in Mètode's monograph «Science Frames», which dealt with the relationship between science and cinema. The frequent slip-ups, ever present in