Science and fiction

We can find physic and ecological errors in many science-fiction films and series, such as Star Wars


Star Wars and ecology

We can find many physics and biology errors in Star Wars, but let's take a look at ecology.


Heisenberg’s ambulance

The movie Die hard has an important plot hole that could be justified with Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

Gene Tierney

Gene Tierney and the importance of vaccines

Gene Tierney was infected with rubella by a fan while she was pregnant. This story reminds us about the dangers of COVID-19 and the need to be vaccinated, even if we do not belong to a risk group.



There is no way to force a pendulum to oscillate at a different rhythm, determined exclusively by its length


«The Matrix» and thermodynamics

If we were to use electrodes to extract energy from ourselves, we would collapse because we would have nothing left to keep our hearts beating.


Passport to Pimlico: food safety and security

Thanks to food safety, diseases such as typhus and cholera have virtually disappeared.

fear virus contagion

Fear and virus

An epidemic like the one we have unfortunately experienced can bring out people's worst fears. Cinema and literature have successfully used fear to write scripts in which an epidemic is the heart of the story or the underlying excuse.

Alice psychedelic drugs

Alice in Hallucinationland

Alice goes on a journey during which peculiar characters tell her what to eat or drink. Then, strange things happen. Doesn't all this seem like a drug-induced psychedelic journey?


Nurses in film

The way cinema has represented nurses has varied over time: from the clothing itself to the relationships with patients and other health personnel.