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Pigments to save lives

Recognising our reflection in a mirror is fundamental to everyone, although, rather than being something which is automatic from birth, it is something we learn as part of a process, just like many other things throughout our life. There are changes, injuries, accidents which might

Can plants have cancer?

The answer to this is yes. Plants can reproduce errors in the growth of some cells, which would cause the formation of cell masses or tumours that could be considered cancers.

Javier Magriña
Interview with Javier Magriña

Javier Magriña knew he wanted to be a surgeon ever since he could perform his first autopsy during his medical studies in Barcelona. His enthusiasm was fuelled by the support of the Catalan doctor Santiago Dexeus, a family friend, who instilled in him a passion

Teenagers with cancer

ABSTRACT For teenagers, to be diagnosed with cancer comes as a real blow. In this article, we describe the most prevalent cancers in this age group, the elements of cancer control, the effects on the adolescent patient and the challenges faced by the health system to

Hereditary cancer

Només l'1% dels casos de càncer és hereditari, però s'han descrit més de 200 síndromes caracteritzades per l'agregació familiar de distints tipus de tumors.