Pau Carazo at his office at the University of Valencia.

Understanding diversity through sexual selection

In this new Science Space, we visit the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, where Pau Carazo studies the evolution of behaviour and sexual selection.


Lessons of aggression from prison

The violent crimes committed by ordinary people are, in most cases, the result of the so-called affective aggression.


Hunting roles in chimpanzees?

What are the hunting roles in chimpanzees? The available evidence suggests that they are capable of coordination between individuals, but it is unclear whether they can also share a common strategy.

Un mico caputxí esplugant-ne un altre

Primate social behaviour

Primates usually live in groups. Sociality provides primates with benefits like support and learning opportunities that ultimately increase their fitness.

Il·lustracions de primats de Jordi Sabater Pi

Introduction: Primate relatives

The order Primates includes more than three hundred species, among which are us, human beings. Perhaps that is why we are so fascinated by their study.

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The cooperative eye

Eye contact can be used to establish and strengthen emotional bonds, but depending on the socio-cultural context, looking directly into another person's eyes can be very intimidating.

The Horse in Motion

Scientific photography and animal behaviour

Despite being intended mainly for artistic purposes or for personal use (portraits and travel diaries, etc.), photography soon became a valuable ally of science.

fear virus contagion

Fear and virus

An epidemic like the one we have unfortunately experienced can bring out people's worst fears. Cinema and literature have successfully used fear to write scripts in which an epidemic is the heart of the story or the underlying excuse.

A couple of Magellanic penguins. / EzPzPics

Why do some animals display homosexual behaviour?

Homosexual behaviour has always been considered a paradox from an evolutionary point of view because it does not produce offspring, but there are nuances to this.