Issue 111

Transhumanism is the focus of the new issue of Mètode

What will future humans look like? The monograph reflects on the science that will allow us to pose new challenges in our evolution.

coronavirus black swans

Coronavirus, black swans, and grey rhinos

Although the coronavirus is a microbe, the author uses two animal analogies to explain the sudden and unexpected (or otherwise) appearance of phenomena such as COVID-19, but also other «unexpected» disasters of an economic, social, or political nature.


‘Interlinked’, the new Mètode monograph

Mètode's autumn issue tries to offer a general overview of the world of robotics and artificial intelligence from the point of view of six experts in the field.

Social networks and robotic company

Social networks and robot companions

The growing interaction with machines poses several questions about which we have no previous experience, nor can we reliably predict how they will influence the evolution of society.


Robotics and automation for societal good

Robotics and automation and artificial intelligence technologies hold immense potential in addressing many of the societal challenges as exemplified in the sustainable development goals of the 2030 agenda of the United Nations.


Robots that look like humans

Some say that a humanoid should have a «full body» including two arms and legs, exactly like a human. This article intends to cover research on humanoid robotics in a broad manner.


The human-computer connection

Brain-computer interfaces allow the control of devices without the generation of any active motor output but directly from the decoding of the user’s brain signals.


When the state of the art is ahead of the state of understanding

Deep learning is an undeniably hot topic. However, interestingly, the current success and practice of deep learning seems to be uncorrelated with its theoretical, more formal understanding.

Image - artificial intelligence

Towards artificial intelligence

The ultimate objective of the field of artificial intelligence (AI), the creation of a machine with a general intelligence like that of humans, is one of the most ambitious scientific goals ever set.


Interlinked. Machines and humans facing the 10101 century

Mètode SSJ's monograph tries to offer a general overview of the world of robotics and artificial intelligence from the perspective of six experts on the field.