‘SheScience’, a monograph about science from a gender perspective

Issue 91 of 'Mètode' focuses on the relationship between women and science

«Is there gender equality in science? Do men and women have the same opportunities to pursue an academic or scientific career?» As explained in the editorial of Mètode’s latest issue, these are two of the questions addressed in the preparation of the monograph SheScience. Devoted to science from a gender perspective, issue number 91 analyses the situation of women in science, the effects of androcentric biases in research and the potential changes that inclusive practices would be bring to science, as well as to society in general.

The coordinator for this monograph is Capitolina Díaz, Sociology professor at the University of Valencia and president of the Association of Women Researchers and Technologists (AMIT) from 2013 to 2016. Her research in gender and science, gender and employment, and gender and methodology in social sciences are just some of highlights in her career. Moreover, Capitolina Díaz has had political responsibilities, as a director of the Sciences and Women Unit (Ministry of Education) and General Director of Equal Employment (Ministry of Equality). In this monograph also participated Ana Sánchez, Teresa Samper-Gras, Marcela Jabbaz, Carmen Magallón, Nazareth Gallego-Morón, Carme Valls-Llobet and Marine Buet. Along with their articles, we find an op-ed article by Marta Macho, author of the Mujeres con ciencia blog and recently awarded with the Emakunde Prize to Equality, and also an interview with Londa Schiebinger, director of the Gendered Innovations project. Sis artworks by the artist Paula Bonet illustrate SheScience pages.

In this issue, we also celebrate the Llull Year with an article written by the philologist and medievalist Lola Badia. We discover L’Horta de València through its names, thanks to Joan Carles Membrado Tena. Laura L. David breaks the media science about mental health and Daniel Climent and Carles Martín Cantarino talk us about the golden age of botany. Interviews with the poet and musician Celdoni Fonoll and Antonio Marquina, full professor of Mathematical Analysis at the University of Valencia, as well as the usual columns of our collaborators, complete this issue.

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