Daniel Climent Giner
Teacher of Natural Science. IES «Badia del Baver» (Alicante).
Edible Childhood Ethnobotany

[caption id="attachment_14781" align="alignleft" width="200"] Guildhall Art Gallery (Londres)John Everett Millais. The Woodsman's Daughter, 1850-51. Oil on canvas, 64,7 x 88,9 cm. The author describes a countryside


Christmas time is here and traditional nativity sets can be found all over town. Traditional Spanish nativity

survival cuisine

The habit of gathering leaves, flowers, roots, fruits of wild plants and mushrooms for cooking traditional dishes is dying out in parts of Alicante, although in other –mostly rural– areas these traditional recipes are still in use. Ethnobotanical studies conducted in the province of Valencia identify more than 110 wild species used as food.


© V. Rodríguez Pressure grew by the minute and, although he was the son of God the Father, each of the curved and sharp thorns