Concha Gómez Mena als hivernacles de la UPV

Technology at the service of tomato cultivation

We begin the series «Science spaces» by visiting Professor Concha Gómez Mena's laboratory at the Institute for Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology (CSIC-UPV), on the Vera campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Potato field

Potato season

The modest potato is a tuber of great nutritional value and it should be grown in our garden at least once in a while. Although we would need a big vegetable garden (30 to 50 square metres) in order to meet the needs of a


The Mystery of Tasteless Tomatoes

Picking unripe tomatoes may be good for producers, but poses a problem for consumers.


Interview with Antonio Granell

Thank you to Antonio Granell’s work, now we know the cause behind those tasteless tomatoes from the supermarket: the inactivity of the GLK2 gen.

Assaig de tipus de cols a la Marjal del Moro

Cabbages for the summer

A Valencian proverb says «Who plants cabbages in July will be able to eat them at anytime». This is the topic of this article, the cabbage family, very important in the Valencian fields and tables.