Reconstrucció del sauròpode Turiasaurus riodevensis

Dinosaurs in Spain and the rural environment

Spain is representative for the use of dinosaurs as a tool for territorial development in rural areas, which promotes the presence of specialists, museums, geoparks, etc.

Excavació del dinosaure sauròpode Spinophorosaurus nigerensis el 2007 a les proximitats d’Agadez (Níger).

Virtual sauropods

Over the past 20 years, the study of fossils using 3D visualisation techniques, better known as virtual palaeontology, has revolutionised the study of organisms from the past

Figura 1. Representació d’un Argyrosaurus superbus.

What is the most giant sauropod from Argentina?

Which was the most giant titanosaurid sauropod from Argentina? Argentinosaurus has been proposed as the largest titanosaurid, but recently a new king has been erected: the Patagotitan.

Proa valdearinnoensis de la conca del Maestrat

The dinosaurs of the Maestrat Basin

The Maestrat Basin is a favourable area for the discovery of dinosaur fossils. The findings in this area provide valuable information to understand the evolution of hadrosauriforms.