Andrés Santos-Cubedo
Researcher in the Area of Crystallography and Mineralogy in the Department of Biology, Biochemistry, and Natural Sciences at the Universitat Jaume I (Spain). He has a degree in Geological Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and is the director of the Bejís Museum, the Cinctorres Palaeontological Collection, and Portell, Terra de Dinosaures. As a palaeontologist, his research activity focuses on the fossil sites in the province of Castellon (Spain) and their relationship with other European animals. He has directed several excavations in the Valencian Community, Catalonia, and Aragon, and has published scientific articles in national and international journals on fossil sites such as those of Almenara-Casablanca (Castellon), Orce (Granada), or Dmanisi (Georgia), as well as the dinosaur sites in the region of Els Ports (Castellon). In the world of popular science, he has co-authored books including Dinosaurs of Eastern Iberia (Indiana University Press, 2011), Vertebrados mesozoicos en la provincia de Castellón (“Mesozoic vertebrates in the province of Castellon”, Loisele Ediciones, 2016), and Dinosaures d’Ana, Cinctorres (“The dinosaurs of Ana, Cinctorres”, Loisele Ediciones, 2019), as well as several articles, videos, and booklets. He holds several postgraduate degrees, a master’s degree in Cultural Management, and another master’s degree in Museography and Participatory Environments, which have allowed him to curate different geological and palaeontological exhibitions.
Proa valdearinnoensis de la conca del Maestrat

The Maestrat Basin is a favourable area for the discovery of dinosaur fossils. The findings in this area provide valuable information to understand the evolution of hadrosauriforms.