Duria Antiquior

A religious past to science

Christianity has produced stories that have served as a reference point for scientific research for centuries. Two of these examples are analysed here, the story of Creation and the story of Noah's Ark.

Jane Godall

Introduction: Science through stories

This monograph provides new points of view on the role of stories in shaping scientific thought, and on the way in which this resource communicates science.


Science from fiction

Once again this year, science and literature merge in this tenth edition of the Inspiraciencia short story competition. Before 7 June, those who want to participate can submit their short science-based stories in Spanish, Catalan, Gallician, and Basque.


The Two Cultures: Fictionalised Debate

English physicist and writer Charles Percy Snow (1905-1980) sometimes asked representatives of the so-called «traditional culture» – humanism for him – if any of them could explain the second law of thermodynamics. The answer was always cold and negative. Snow considered the question similar to