Illustration disseminate

Communicating, popularising, disseminating

What do scientists do when they explain their own or others’ research? Do they communicate do they popularise? Gemma Marfany prefers to say she disseminates knowledge...

Greta Thunberg

An offensive against the core of our conscience

Greta Thunberg and our young people remind us that we cannot keep looking the other way. Otherwise, we will be denying our sons and daughters – and ourselves, of course – the right to life.

Comunicación en investigación con animales

Transparency is key

The lack of information from institutions and organisations regarding the use of animals in scientific research produces a specialised communication niche which non-scientific groups have exploited to make public opinion sympathetic to them.


Consensus and contrarianism on climate change

Against a contrasting backdrop of consensus on key issues on climate science, a heterogeneous group dubbed climate «skeptics», «contrarians», «deniers» have significantly shaped contemporary discussions of climate science, politics and policy in the public sphere. This essay focuses on the USA context, and explores some of the intertwined social, political and economic factors, as well as cultural and psychological characteristics that have together influenced public attitudes.