Horses laugh incorrectly

Humans' control over breathing enabled them to laugh, unlike other animals such as horses.


Building brains that can evolve

Evo-devo biology involves cross-species comparisons of entire developmental trajectories, not just of adult forms. This approach has proven very successful in general morphology, but its application to neurobiological problems is still relatively new.

Arantxa Cebrián, predoctoral researcher; Vicente Herranz, Cibernet postdoctoral researcher; José Manuel García Verdugo, Professor of Cell Biology; and Sara Gil-Perotín, postdoctoral researcher of the Río Hortega programme.


José Manuel García Verdugo is Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Valencia and has already been researching the enigmatic world of neurons for more than thirty years. However, García Verdugo has faced several challenges throughout his research career in the field of Neurogenesis.