Etiqueta: Living with climate change

Living with climate change

Journalist Bievenido León comments on the monograph Living with climate change, published on spring 2015, and dedicated to the cultural challenges proposed by this global change.

Consensus and contrarianism on climate change

Against a contrasting backdrop of consensus on key issues on climate science, a heterogeneous group dubbed climate «skeptics», «contrarians», «deniers» have significantly shaped contemporary discussions of climate science, politics and policy in the public sphere. This essay focuses on the USA context, and explores some of the intertwined social, political and economic factors, as well as cultural and psychological characteristics that have together influenced public attitudes.

Green taxes, quotas and equality

The need for green fiscal reform is urgent in the face of climate change. Some oppose it, however, arguing that such reforms disproportionately burden poorer individuals whose emissions are far smaller than those of wealthier individuals.