Living with climate change

The scientific community has reached an ample consensus about the existence of climate change and its causes; one of the most extensive in the history of science. Scientists agree that the Earth is heating up, primarily as a consequence of human action, which causes drastic global changes: a rise in the sea level, increased frequency and force of heat waves, droughts, and other extreme weather events. These changes have consequences for living beings, including people’s health. That is the reason why science warns of the need to take measures to mitigate its effects and adapt life to a different world.

But the wide scientific consensus has not permeated society. Surveys show that a high percentage of citizens from different countries – including Spain – do not include climate change among their main concerns. They do not even think that scientists agree on this matter.

This makes it clear that our society has a problem that should be solved as soon as possible. This monograph suggests different approaches from different disciplines, such as sociology, communication, or education, from which valuable lessons can be extracted to help us in the path towards the cultural change our blue planet demands. Climate change is here to stay.

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Tenured Professor of Science Journalism and Television Production at the University of Navarra (Spain). He has published more than sixty scientific papers, and has authored or coordinated ten books in the field of science communication and the environment.