Why do some plants need fire to germinate?

In Mediterranean ecosystems, fires are quite frequent naturally and generate large open spaces ideal for the germination and growth of many Mediterranean plants

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The Axis of the Earth and the Eleonora’s Falcon

Planetary geography and bird migration «Mobile organisms occupy territories with abundant resources, take advantage of them in order to breed, and leave when unfavourable conditions occur. Migration is nothing more than that» It is well known that seasonal climate alternation in mid and high latitudes of the

Soil can be negatively affected by a wildfire

After the fire

We ask ourselves whether natural populations, abiotic properties and the economy and society in the affected area will recover over time. This question comes up after each wildfire but to answer it is complex.

Chamaerops humilis

Essential fires

Fire requires three elements: ignition, oxygen and fuel. All three are present in terrestrial ecosystems, thus fire has become a component of environments. In this sense, the Mediterranean ecosystem’s adaptation to fire is evident.


Fire, management and research

While scientists speak of fire as a natural process within a cultural landscape, the general public continues to see it as a negative factor. We review the current status of management, science and innovation in this field.