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The number of species catalogued as fluorescent increases each day, and UV lights can help us to find some that are only active during the night, generating a wide range of creative resources to photograph them.

Decoding smells

Using an external flash placed above the snake, accompanied by a high shutter speed, allowed me to freeze one of those chemosensory licks that the snake used to try to decipher its surroundings.

mar blava
Why is the sea blue?

When a large quantity of water is observed, as happens in the sea, we notice a blue color that can vary depending on the mass of water we are observing. Professor Inmaculada Pascual Villalobos explains why.

Why do mirages occur?

We call a mirage seeing objects where they are not. It is an optical illusion that can be seen on very hot days and in places like deserts. Inmaculada Pascual Villalobos explains this and tells us about the «Fata Morgana» effect.

Faster than Light

ESA/Hubble & NASA Travelling at hyperluminal speeds would open to humanity the possibility of exploring the whole galaxy, and even, perhaps, other galaxies. In the image, the UGC 12158, photographed by the Hubble space telescope. It is believed to be a virtual twin of our own