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Imminent ecdysis

Cultural accumulation changes what we are and what we do from one generation to the next and, as far as scientific knowledge is concerned, changes occur so quickly that we tend to imagine them as distant theories or very recent developments.

On uncertainty, clocks, and dogs

But it is one thing to be aware of the annual astronomical cycle and another to discover the mechanisms of life. We don't know for sure what, but something happened about 40,000 years ago in what is now Europe.

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Absolute truth exists

Each domain of knowledge has its own language, content and method. They give it character, and whenever a field of knowledge advances, it is thanks to one of them. Language is very important for science, but is not necessarily a priority. Old language can lead

Il·lustració de Casuística

In education, urban planning, sustainability, in any domain, we tend to slide down the anecdotal slope of casuistry. Everything becomes a specific case.