Interview with Ricardo Amils

When you hear an expression with such poetic connotations like «the limits of life», it is likely that the last thing that comes to our minds are the microorganisms that live in the depths of Lake Vostok (Antarctica) or in the acidic waters of Rio


Interview with Rafael Tabarés

Entrevista a Rafael Tabarés, catedràtic de Psiquiatria a la Universitat de València i investigador en salut mental.

Javier Magriña

Interview with Javier Magriña

Javier Magriña knew he wanted to be a surgeon ever since he could perform his first autopsy during his medical studies in Barcelona. His enthusiasm was fuelled by the support of the Catalan doctor Santiago Dexeus, a family friend, who instilled in him a passion

Peter Higgs

Interview with Peter Higgs

To invent: find, discover, by dint of study or wit, something new or previously unknown. For my generation, the word inventor calls to mind bygone days, conjuring up images of great men of science like Gutenberg, Galileo, Newton, Niepce, Graham Bell or Edison busy with

Michel Maffesoli

Interview with Michel Maffesoli

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Michel Maffesoli (Graissessac, France - 1944) leaves no one indifferent. Accustomed to stirring up controversy in his country, the sociologist of postmodernity known for spreading the concept of «urban tribes» has just published Homo eroticus. Des communions émotionnelles (2012), in which he discusses his theory

Arantxa Cebrián, predoctoral researcher; Vicente Herranz, Cibernet postdoctoral researcher; José Manuel García Verdugo, Professor of Cell Biology; and Sara Gil-Perotín, postdoctoral researcher of the Río Hortega programme.


José Manuel García Verdugo is Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Valencia and has already been researching the enigmatic world of neurons for more than thirty years. However, García Verdugo has faced several challenges throughout his research career in the field of Neurogenesis.

Anna Veiga

Interview with Anna Veiga

The following text is a summary of the full text available in Spanish and Catalan. Anna Veiga is well known for her pioneer work in the field of in vitro fertilisation in Spain. She was the first test-tube baby's scientific «mother» in Spain in 1984. She

Francesc Miralles

Interview with Francesc Miralles

Interview with Francesc Miralles, historian, art critic and expert in Joaquim Mir, painter of 'La cala encantada' ("The enchanted cove").

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Interview with David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough’s (London, 1926) passion for his work, televising nature, has not faded one bit after over half a century travelling round the world.

Manuel Perea, full Professor of Behevioural Science methodology at the University of Valencia

IPhones to measure users’ reading skills

The new app «Ciència XL» for iPhones allows to measure user's ability to read by means of a very simple mechanism that calculates their reaction to words.