digital pollution

Digital pollution

Digital pollution is invisible, but its impact on the environment is significant. This week's cartoon by Ferran Martín takes a look at it.

big data

The double footprint of Big Data

Big data, one of the greatest businesses in the future, is bad for the environment, with high energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Processors have become more efficient, but the amount of information is growing exponentially.


‘Steamboy’ and the philosophy of science

In the West, our idea of animated cinema is very much influenced by the work of Walt Disney. In Japan, the animated film tradition (anime) is very different. Complicated plots that are often not clearly targeted at a child or adult audience and ambiguous characters. Eastern animated cinema can even dare to make a film speculating on the philosophy of science.


The future is now: the Internet of things

La internet de les coses es un concepte que es refereix a la interconnexió digital d'objectes quotidians amb Internet i que tindrà nombroses aplicacions.

Hedy Lamarr


Above all, Hedy Lamarr was interested in sinking German submarines. She was an actress who, deep down, wanted to be an inventor. And she was.