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Global pandemic: more questions than answers

At the time of publication of this issue, we are incredulously, insecurely, and helplessly witnessing a situation only comparable to that experienced in both twentieth-century World Wars. A global pandemic, which has once again placed the human species before a scenario that is as unprecedented and unknown as it is unpredictable.

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From creationism to economics

Both the scientific and philosophical problems with classic pseudosciences such as astrology and creationism are well known. Most fields of inquiry have controversial areas that inspire suspicions of systematic intellectual malpractice.


The work of economists, which is so important, is ascribed to the field of human decisions. These are emotional and, therefore, irreducible to the scientific method.

Lift force

Without growth there is no progress, but without a supporting system (a lift force), it collapses. We need the new Wright brothers of economy. Urgently, I think.